Official Release of GI

09 Jun 2015 17:33

  • It is with great delight that I can say that we've done it. We have got the game through early access and officially released. I would like to thank everyone who supported us through during the Early Access Period.

    Patch Notes
    Added Explosions!
    Added a build queue to Solar Systems
    Added a new system of empire management that sees all that wasted commerce now get invested in really nice bonuses
    Various Typos Fixed
    Ships under construction in the Military Industrial Complex now have the correct sprite
    If you put a / in the saved game name it fails to save, which is better than it crashing
    Event Pop ups used to appear a little too low on the screen when playing a lap top, we've told them to stop that.
    In the case of a combat at uncolonised solar system the participants now appear in the right places.
    Bombardment message shows the correct building string when telling what your invincible fleet has destroyed
    Orbital Fighter Bases are no longer so cunningly camouflaged that the did not appear in the ship view.
    Adding a race bonus via media now shows the same icon as the one you selected
    A random event is now marked as a Random event in the message ledger, not a Null Event
    Your naval personnel now have the self-esteem to perform even if someone else if watching them, thus a the presence of another race's fleet in a solar system is no longer reason enough to prevent a bombardment
    Media overtures no longer say they are pending when they no longer are
    When battling the fixed defences of a solar system they now appear on the map so you know why you cannot yet unleash your bombardment
    In order to improve the general Feng Shui of the game the jump effect is now displayed behind the ship
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