Those little problems.....

  • You could say I am talking about one of those first world problems but it is still a problem none the less. As you move towards the end of the development process you start to do less game features and more fixing and polishing. This perversely this can actually be more difficult that making the game itself. One of things I have been have been working on is designing the tutorial. We all know they are a good thing to have so if you have the time to do one you should, but it doesn't necessarily mean it is an easy thing to do.

    The problem is that I have been involved with the game from the very start and as such I really don't need a tutorial. This creates a challenge when it comes to writing one, because you need to imagine you are a brand new player. I am most definitely not. Then it is all a question of getting the pacing right, too little information and the tutorial doesn't help that much. Well too much in a way is an even worse problems as you will loose the interest of people using it and they will probably get even less out of the tutorial than too little. So you wrestle away with it, to create a close enough tutorial so you can then get good feedback from beta testers (which is something we will be organising fairly soon).

    Still it is also a sign of progress on the game, so I am not complaining as such.
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