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Onwards to the Tutorial

PostPosted: 14 Oct 2014 09:59
by King
I did an interesting thing last week, I did a little update about what we were doing and decided not to tweet it out. No one looked at it, just go to show I seem to reach most of you via twitter.

Back to the subject of tutorials. After last week's angst progress is being made. The catharsis of producing a forum post that no one read seemed to be just thing I needed. One of those tough decisions is decide how much railroading you put into the tutorial. What railroading does do is ensure that the player knows exactly what they need to do in order to complete the tutorial. The down side is the player may only end up learning what button to click in order to complete the tutorial and not enough about the game.

We hit on a neat compromise. Instead of using the full game we use a subset of the game. This reduces the amount of the options the player has and thus the danger of not completing the tutorial reduces. We also give the player freedom to explore facets of the game so they can gain the most benefit out of the tutorial.

Now we have a structure to the tutorial the information the player needs suddenly becomes easier to work out. With that road block out of the way the discussion has now moved on to things like the best way to structure the tutorial interface to give the players in the most useful manner. All in all not a bad week.

Re: Onwards to the Tutorial

PostPosted: 17 Oct 2014 04:37
by lordmichael95
Seems like a good choice to me.