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More Progress

04 Nov 2014 14:49

  • Having declared victory in our quest to get a tutorial in we turned our attention to the look of the game. We wanted to make our game look better and make the art more functional. So we decided to add more icons into the game to make things easier to spot. Another thing we did was to look at things like the buttons, trying to make them easier for the player. We changed the colour a bit, made them brighter and pushed up the contrast a little. So to show you how we are getting on, here is a little screenshot. We still have a bit more we want to do so I'll keep you posted here on our progress.

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12 Nov 2014 13:06

  • I stop by here every once in a while to check up on the progress you guys are making and I must say this is shaping up very nicely.
    Let's hope you clear all hurdles before release and successfully complete this project. We need a good space 4X game.
    Keep it up, Mr. King et al.
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13 Nov 2014 10:21

  • We're working away through our screens, just waiting for a little more art and then we'll have another screen shot to show you. Then there is also a little combat update to tell you about as we try to get the game up to speed.
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