Developer Diary – Media Changes

  • So we are getting very close to our first major update so time to tell you a little about how we have been doing. When we shipped we deliberately included some time to do urgent bug fixing in our schedule. However, fate was kind to us and we didn't have that many show stoppers (like crashes) and so we had time on our hands. Not one to waste time we looked at the review feedback and decided that improving the look of the game would be a worthwhile use of our time.

    As we worked away, we finally hit the point that the interface that now needed the most love was the Media and Diplomacy interface and there we hit a little snag. As we had some ideas for media and diplomacy that would require radical changes to the interface. It felt like a bit of a waste of time to know that we would have to do the work twice so we decided to go for it and implement the diplomacy changes.

    So we aimed for two changes in the media system. Firstly we decided to change the order of the things were done. Instead of doing negative media and then choosing the story after the campaign is finished, you choose the story at the start of the campaign and get your people ready. This we felt made the system more realistic, it didn't quite feel right that you told people that your neighbours were evil and then only told them why right at the end. The other thing is you also see what your neighbour is going to offer in advance so you can plan accordingly.

    The second thing was to add in internal media. Where you can use your media to inspire your people to do more for the country. This begins the process of adding in Empire wide management (we have a few more ideas there but well I like to keep you guessing) and it also ensures that there is always a use for media. When you run an internal campaign you pick a bonus and once the campaign is over the bonus is applied but unlike external campaigns it is timed and will expire after a while. Essentially you can only ask your people for extra effort for so long.

    We have added in 6 bonuses at the moment, 3 for war and 3 for peace. The timed nature of them means there will always be at least one of the war and peace bonuses available. The war bonuses inspire your ship crews to extra efforts of heroism, the effect of this is give the ships a bit more attack, defence or bombardment. While two of the peace ones boost commerce (handy for ship building) or research outputs. The third one is a boost to expeditions, but it's effect is to reduce the price of one when you start the construction.

    This we feel adds something a little extra to game and gives you something new to play around with. Then we will be moving onto another item in our early access plan. We'll keep you posted on which one it is.

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