Patch Notes

09 Apr 2015 16:35

  • Bugs and Balance
    Fixed a problem with Windows Vista
    Improved Memory management to solve an out of memory issue
    Reduced the factor that determines the amount experience required to level up ship building companies

    Game Play Changes
    Changed the order of media, to have the player select the campaign outcome first rather than after the media campaign
    Added in new feedback so you can see which campaign the AI has selected to avoid a duplication.
    Added in a new ability to direct media onto yourself

    Added a new background to the main map
    Added in new galactic objects into the main map
    New backgrounds for the solar system screen
    New race specific ship sprites
    Reworked Media/diplomacy interface
    An all new mini-map
    Ship movement lines now show the path they will follow rather than a straight line to the final destination

    Plus various other small fixes here and there
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