First Patch

13 Feb 2015 18:12

  • There were a couple of rare crashes with the game, which we hope to have squashed and we did some balance and interface improvements.

    Fixed crash in tutorial 4.
    Music problem on windows Vista. If the music fails to load the game will start but no music or sound effects will be played.

    Added icons that tells the user what benefits a new technology has.
    Added information on how many turns left.
    Slightly reduced the amount of research points most technologies require
    New background art.

    Solar System overview:
    Added an icon when a resource has been exploited to make that clearer

    Added a top bar that Displays research and net commerce, we are open to more suggestions on what else should go up there

    Military industrial complex:
    New background art.
    A warning is given when a ship is ordered if the empire has a negative net commerce rate. We will add soon that you won't be able to build a ship if your research rate is negative, consider yourself warned.
    Slightly increased the amount of XP you receive per ship built.

    Slightly reduced the number of turns for diplomatic actions to happen.
    New background art.

    Fixed a number of typos.
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