Time Line – The Six Month plan.

  • Our plan is to patch at least one to two times a month, of course major problems will be fixed sooner through hot fixes outside that schedule.

    Month 1 – February
    Our goal here is to fix bugs in the main game, improve the AI, upgrade to the interface and arts and balance the current set of game parameters. This will continue into the following months as we know things like balance and AI will need to change as we add content and features.

    Month 2 – March
    Ships and Combat. We have named ships as our main idea, but we are looking at adding additional layers into our combat algorithm. With more in the combat algorithm we can then add more to ships and companies. We will also implement more detailed combat feedback and information screen.

    Month 3 – April
    Economic and solar system management. We are looking to add more options to invest in your solar systems and allow the expansion of your military industrial complex across your empire. We expect to also implement random events and further improvement to interface and art.

    Month 4 – May
    Media and Government, expanding out diplomacy and race management. The power of propaganda is not just in war, but also in peace. We aim to bring media options that will allow you to steer your people in peace and give high level direction to your empire. We also looking at implementing additional diplomatic options.

    Month 5 – June
    GUI and Content, having added in the additional features it is time to focus on getting the GUI able to handle them and also improve the current GUI based on feedback. Then with all options available we can expand the game content to deepen the game experience, more techs, ships, building and events.

    Month 6 – July
    Making sure everything works and is balanced as well as possible in order to ensure the final version of the game is as polished as possible.
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