Galactic Inheritors

Galactic Inheritors is out now on Steam early access

And here is the box art

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We are very excited to tell you about our first title, Galactic Inheritors, a space 4X game. The future is bright, technological progress offers the society of tomorrow a level of prosperity that we can only dream off. The invention of the jump drive heralds the dawning of a new era of space exploration. Yet a dark secret, that has lain dormant for millions of years means that there can be no peace, no cooperation, to survive is to conquer. Only one race can survive and it is up to you to lead your species to victory.

Feature List

  • Take on the role as the leader of your species
  • Explore the galaxy and find which solar systems you can jump to next.
  • Colonise the solar systems to expand you empire
  • Find the choke points to give you the best defensive positions
  • Develop the infrastructure of your solar systems to allow them to reach their full potential
  • Search for valuable resources and then exploit them
  • As you build your navy your defence companies gain experience unlocking fresh customisation options
  • Use the power of the media to get your people ready to defend their way of life and when they are …attack.
  • Nuke the Enemy from orbit, because we all know it is the only way to be sure
  • Resettle the now cleansed world for the glory of your species.

Keep an eye on our screenshots page as we will regularly update them with new screenshots as we update the game

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6 thoughts on “Galactic Inheritors

  1. Hey there Chris, let me be the first to congratulate you on starting your new company. I look forward to seeing what you come up with – Galactic Inheritors certainly sounds like a runner!

    1. Thank you very much. It is something I felt I had to try. Having decided to walk the walk we just have to see how it goes.

  2. I am really excited about this game. The ideas seems awesome, I hope that there will be technology options like laser guns, plasma guns and of course something similar to the death star.

  3. Hello. This game looks very good and exciting, can’t wait for it to come out 🙂 Just wondering (unless i havent seen it yet), is there a release date for this game? If there is i would be happy to know. Apart from that, good work and looking forward to it (sorry my website says YouTube, i don’t have a website but a YouTube channel).

    1. We don’t quite yet have an official release date. We are hopeful that we will be ready to ship and have distribution sorted out in a few months. Somethings are a little beyond our control though.

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